Every year about this time, I begin to yearn for fall. Even when it’s not a record-breaking drought AND temperature kind of summer like this one, I yearn for fall. I’ve noticed that the night time temps are dropping just a bit lower. It’s still surface-of-the-sun hot during the day but that little 2 degree dip at night gives me hope.

I can’t wait for football

The eyes of Texas are upon you....




wearing cold weather clothes

riding my brand new Burgman scooter

Suzuki Burgman 400

And, I get to go to Georgia to see my BFF!

It's her fault

Don't feel bad, she made this face on purpose

Yeah, I’m looking forward to fall. Even if it kicks off with a tropical storm, long as it doesn’t hurt my family on the coast.


It’s entirely possible that I’m obsessed with finding the perfect pictures for my posts. I promise not all my posts will be all pictures.


Wait, one more. My bro, who’s no longer with us.

My bro


Well, the day has finally come. People have been telling me for years that I needed to blog (a blog?) “How could anyone need a blog,” I wondered. Turns out, writers need blogs. And here we are. Since I’m new to all this & just trying out features, let’s do a bullet list of what (I hope) you’ll find here:

  • My musings on writing, trying to write, not writing and my long journey toward being a screenwriter
  • Random wanderings and wonderings about corporate life, domestic life and life life
  • Film discussions – you have to participate for it to be a discussion so don’t let me down
  • Ok, I confess, probably the occasional enthusiastic, excited post about TV and/or the folks who make it
  • Photos of my own taking
  • Videos, probably not of my own making just yet
  • Links to other cool stuff that other cool folks have written/shot/created

Speaking of videos – in the spirit of stumbling around trying things, how about a video for your amusement. I hope it amuses you. We were amused making it for an Alamo Drafthouse 48 Hour Music Video Contest.

I guess that’s it for now. Not a very auspicious beginning but a beginning nonetheless. I hope it was as painless for you as it was for me.

Thanks for joining me…