Well, the day has finally come. People have been telling me for years that I needed to blog (a blog?) “How could anyone need a blog,” I wondered. Turns out, writers need blogs. And here we are. Since I’m new to all this & just trying out features, let’s do a bullet list of what (I hope) you’ll find here:

  • My musings on writing, trying to write, not writing and my long journey toward being a screenwriter
  • Random wanderings and wonderings about corporate life, domestic life and life life
  • Film discussions – you have to participate for it to be a discussion so don’t let me down
  • Ok, I confess, probably the occasional enthusiastic, excited post about TV and/or the folks who make it
  • Photos of my own taking
  • Videos, probably not of my own making just yet
  • Links to other cool stuff that other cool folks have written/shot/created

Speaking of videos – in the spirit of stumbling around trying things, how about a video for your amusement. I hope it amuses you. We were amused making it for an Alamo Drafthouse 48 Hour Music Video Contest.

I guess that’s it for now. Not a very auspicious beginning but a beginning nonetheless. I hope it was as painless for you as it was for me.

Thanks for joining me…